DeWitt Tennis Center
(6 indoor courts) 

The Indoor courts at the DeWitt Tennis Center are fully owned and operated by Hope College. The facility features 6 deco-turf courts, lobby area with TV, men’s and women’s locker rooms and offices for the staff. The Tennis Center is opened year round and is the home of the Hope College men’s and women’s varsity tennis programs.

Etheridge Tennis Complex and the Heeringa/Vanderpoel Tennis Stadium courts

(12 outdoor courts with stadium seating)

The outdoor tennis stadium courts are fully owned and operated by Hope College. The award-winning facility features 12 post-tension concrete courts. An elevated viewing platform with stadium seating, a walkthrough tunnel under the viewing spine, shade structures, and a world-class audio system. The facility is widely recognized as one of the nation’s best and has won design awards than can be seen HERE.