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Deadline to Register a team is Oct 25, 2016

This page is dedicated to the elephant in the room. American Tennis is in trouble and the pipeline does not seem to be filled with the next wave of American champions. But what does this mean for our players in the Dewitt Tennis Center program here in Holland, MI?
Did you know that the USTA actually spent millions of dollars trying to determine why the US has declined so much on the world stage? The good news is that they figured out the problem. After studying many countries from all over the Globe there was one definitive difference that stood out as missing in the training regimens of American junior players…
What was it? Match Play. That’s right, the study showed that for every ONE set of actual tennis match play an American junior played, his counterpart in other countries play 5-6 sets! Case closed right?
Maybe not, you see the US tennis market has evolved into a lesson taking society versus a tennis playing society. A disproportionate amount of American juniors struggle with learning the way to compete and win.  The study proved that US players take more clinics, more private lessons, and buy much more equipment, but the real problem is lack of match play. Most clubs (ours included) have a clientele that finds lesson taking (drills) so convenient that families have concluded that taking more and more lessons will make their child better. But it will not... At the end of the day our junior players need to Play and Compete. Only this will help them become better & tougher competitors on the court.
The ramifications... This lack of match play often leads to a player being very nervous when they play. They simply are not used to playing when the scoreboard is turned on. This is why so many players feel like they always play better in practice than in a match. As parents, we also struggle as we watch our own kids playing poorly and not to the level they are capable of.
Our strategy… For years our club has been trying to address this dilemma with limited results. Many families have decided they can only commit to one day of tennis and that is it. These are the same families that would never consider putting their child in soccer, swimming, T-ball or any other sport where all they do is only practice. One day a week is not enough to get better at anything. Piano, band, sports, all require at least a 2 day per week commitment to see any significant improvement. The following are our initiatives to increase Play amongst our juniors:

1) Play within classes: Since session 1 (Sept-Oct) and session 4 (Mar-May) are smaller because some of our players are in HS season, we will restructure our clinics to include point play and match right inside the class. This is possible (on most days) because the weather allows us to play outside during those months.

2) Junior Team Tennis: Back Again this Year - For sessions 2 and 3 (Oct -Mar), our goal is to put all of our lesson participants in to a weekly match play using the Junior Team Tennis format. Our club has committed to paying the registration fee for every player that wants to be involved so that the only expense they have to add a second day a week is a nominal court fee that occurs only when they play a match. Join us at the parent info meetings on either of the dates below: All meetings are at 6 pm at the Club. 

Mon Oct 17, 2016      Wed Oct 19, 2016     Thurs Oct 20, 2016        

Deadine to Register a team is Oct 25, 2016

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Because this is a USTA district program, we cannnot see who has registered so far. Please direct any questions you  have about registrations to... Emily Fink at: emily@wmitennis.com (cut and paste to email her)

Matches could be scheduled at the following times:

Fridays from 4-6 pm OR 6-8 pm

Saturdays from 3-5 pm OR 5-7 pm OR 7-9 pm

Sundays from 4-6 pm
OR 6-8- pm

Schedules will come out in advance so captains can recruit players for the days and times that they play.